Baby Swimming Lessons

A list of the top baby swimming lesson providers in the UK.

For each provider we have included a link to their ‘find a pool’ page, so that you can check if they provide classes near you.

👍 3 Tips For Finding Baby Swimming Lessons Near You

1 – Check Local Council & Swimming Pool Websites

If you are lucky your local council may provide baby swimming lessons at your local swimming pool/leisure centre.

Council provided lessons may be cheaper than going with a private baby swimming lessons provider.

2 – Ask For Lessons From The Council/Swimming Pool

If your council or swimming pool don’t have lessons already you can try asking – they may be able to find a provider or train up a member of staff.

3 – Other Sites to Find Baby Swimming Lessons Near You

We have a list of the top baby swimming lessons providers above, but there are some sites to find lessons – see the list below:

Swim Nappies

All baby swimming lesson providers will insist on the use of swim nappies.

Swim nappies help protect from accidents leaking into the pool.

There are two main types of swim nappies, reusable and disposable.

At we recommend the use of reusable swim nappies as they are better for the environment.